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Hauling Insurance – David is the one who helps me, first of all he gave me the first quote so quickly, the same day I got the insurance. I add trucks to my business and it’s so easy every time. I also like that they have an email for coi that will meet your needs in minutes. I really love this company and have already referred 2 friends to David. If you can see this, thanks David

Scarlett Sancivieri was very helpful and knowledgeable about the coverage I needed. She was also fast and always called me back or emailed me. I called her several times with different questions and she answered them correctly and professionally.

Hauling Insurance


Agent Jon Host-Madsen is very professional and knowledgeable. He answered my questions without hesitation and was always available if I needed information. I have recommended him to many family and friends to insure them for their commercial transportation needs.

Commercial Truck Insurance 101 — Owner Operator Direct

Mr. Peter Thompson is absolutely the best person I have ever met in this type of business. If anything needs to be done he will take care of it almost on the spot (as soon as possible) best customer service ever, thank you so much sir for such a great service 💯👍🙏

Hi! Really work with Sandra Cerrut, a recognized truck specialist, it was a great experience, she gives you options so you can choose the one that suits you best and always takes into account your business needs to make it work well, together with the insurance. It is a pleasure to have Sandra as an insurance agent. Well thanks!

I must say that Sandra Cerruto showed me that she is very knowledgeable when it comes to commercial insurance for my business. I would recommend it to anyone who needs quality. Thanks again Sandra Prins McKinley

Are you thinking about starting your own transport company? Here are some insights on new trucking risk insurance that you can take advantage of before choosing a business name and registering with the DOT (Department of Transportation) and MC (Motor Carrier). (The consent of the motor vehicle carrier is necessary in cases where the company operates across state lines). Check out our guide on how to help your transport authority ensure your business is compliant.

Impact Of Telematics On Trucking Insurance Rates

Truck insurance is not the same as regular personal auto insurance. Insurance premiums and liability limits can be much higher than those of your family SUV or commuter vehicle. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) required limits for auto liability start at $750,000 unless you are a registered hazardous materials carrier. In that case, the required auto liability limits start at $1,000,000.

Often, when an 18-wheeler or heavy-duty pickup truck is involved in an accident combined with a fully loaded trailer, the consequences can be catastrophic. Nearly all shippers and freight brokers require $1,000,000 in motor vehicle liability insurance and $100,000 in motor vehicle freight insurance to even qualify for a freight reservation.

This coverage, often called MTC or freight insurance, protects the goods you or your company transports while they are under your direct control. For example, in the event of an accident where you and your load of building materials/seafood/whatever other cargo you are carrying are thrown from the trailer…motor cargo insurance will cover the cost of replacing those goods or paying the customer.


Most companies combine $1,000,000 in motor vehicle liability insurance along with $100,000 in freight insurance to cover what most would call the “basics” of truck insurance to qualify for “rental.” .

Potential Risks Covered By Trucking Insurance

Another form of insurance coverage you may be wondering about is comprehensive and collision coverage, also known as physical damage coverage, or “physical dam” as it is commonly referred to.

This coverage covers the truck and/or trailer at an estimated value at the time of the claim if it is damaged in an accident or while parked in a parking lot. The value of the truck is determined by you, the insured, and is a smaller percentage of the premium per year compared to auto liability, which makes up the majority of the total premium.

Insurance costs vary from state to state and vary greatly depending on many factors such as: age and type of vehicle, radius, goods transported, motor vehicle reports for drivers, and several other factors. That said, the average cost of insuring your business against damage caused by others (motor vehicle liability insurance), cargo damage (motor vehicle freight insurance) and damage to your own equipment, such as a truck or trailer (property damage), As of the fourth quarter from 2018 this will be between $6,000 and $25,000 per year, with most between $10,000 and $20,000 per unit.

These costs may surprise you, even if you have been running under the guidance of someone else, have years of experience and millions of miles under your belt. New carriers still fall into the “high risk” category due to the lack of history associated with that specific DOT authority.

Commercial Trucking Insurance

If you were under someone else’s management, you might only pay $1,000 – $5,000 per year for insurance. How is it possible that the costs of insurance are so much higher, precisely because you are self-employed? First of all, most of the coverage you need will likely be provided by the company you previously applied for. Their motor liability insurance and freight insurance cover your vehicle, which makes up the majority of the premium. The remaining premiums would most likely be physical damage insurance and marine liability insurance. The majority of the premium is in motor vehicle liability, where the risk to the insurance company can be anywhere from $750,000 to more than $5,000,000 per truck.

Think about it this way: Would you risk paying out $1,000,000 in insurance for just $1,000? Most would respond with a deep, “NO!” Fortunately for those who buy insurance, the costs are not 1:1. A million for a million. Other policyholders’ premiums help reduce the risk to the insurance company, meaning you pay less. The other side of the coin is that the insurance market as a whole, like the stock market, tends to fluctuate if exposure is not adequately managed. The insurance you take out protects you and your company against a potential financial nightmare.

After you have decided to open a trucking company and purchased a new truck or tractor, obtained your DOT number and applied for a motor carrier, the next step is to call a licensed insurance broker to start searching the market for the right insurance product for your company.

Hauling Insurance

Once you and your insurance broker have agreed on the right insurance products for you and your business, you’ll need to set up a payment method. Most of the insurance products we offer can be financed with Reliance Partners, bringing a number of excellent benefits to you and your business. Some choose to pay the premium in advance and in full. Others choose to use third-party premium financing companies associated with Reliance Partners to help them secure favorable down payment terms.

Best Car Hauler Insurance: Top Providers

With typically 15% down payments, low annual interest rates, and 9-10 monthly payments, you set your business up for success without having to spend a lot of capital at once.

Here you’ll find a handy guide and checklist to ensure you have everything you need to start your journey as a successful truck driver. Whether it’s shipping products from Napa Valley to Nashville or shipping cars from Detroit to Dallas, there’s a lot that goes into your trucking company. You need a reliable ally who will provide long-term security for you, your livelihood and your family. Search no further.

Our knowledge of small fleet and self-freight operations is second to none and we strive to deliver mile after mile of excellence.

If you would like to become one of our valued customers, please contact our long-distance freight department today. Or give us some information and we will contact you!

Trucking Insurance Startup Bets On Telematics

If you are a long-haul trucking specialist with an up-to-date long-haul truck business book and are interested in becoming one of our manufacturers, please contact us today.

Most other commercial truck insurers can’t protect you the way Lancer can. That’s because we add enhancements and coverage that are missing from many standard industry policies. That’s what we call the Lancer Advantage, and it’s our way of giving you more mileage for your premium dollar.

We are proud to offer the following coverage to owners and small fleets dealing with medium to long-haul freight:

Hauling Insurance

Even the best – and best trained – drivers experience accidents. Personal injury and property damage insurance can compensate those injured in an accident involving an insured vehicle or damage to another vehicle.

Top 8 Things Car Haulers Should Know Before Buying Insurance

We can meet your business freight needs with a physical combined limit (CSL) of up to USD 2 million

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