Flatbed Truck Insurance


Flatbed Truck Insurance – Flatbed trucks are larger than standard trucks that carry heavy loads, including heavy machinery, steel, cars, and more. Due to the flatbed cargo and design, the goods being shipped are vulnerable to external exposure, and the trucks themselves are a lot of liability on the road when it comes to general safety and risk.

From potholes to bumpy roads and sudden stops in traffic, trucks can pose many different risks compared to other trucks on the road. Fortunately, flatbed truck insurance can be purchased and installed to protect not only the drivers and the trucking company, but also the cargo transported by the trucks and others on the road.

Flatbed Truck Insurance


Having auto liability insurance helps cover the legal bills of other drivers on the road if an accident occurs. This type of insurance can help cover legal costs if serious cases arise, such as a lawsuit. This type of truck insurance includes two different policies, including bodily injury and property damage.

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For bodily injury, this type of liability coverage includes medical expenses, lost wages and pain for the other driver or drivers involved. For property damage, this liability includes repairing or replacing the other driver’s vehicle if the truck driver is found at fault in the accident. This includes other things that can be damaged in an accident, including buildings.

Having auto liability insurance will protect other drivers on the road and the money of the person or business that is insured. However, it will not cover damage to the truck if there is an accident or if something else happens to it. This is where physical damage comes in to help. This is a type of truck insurance that will help protect the overall investment in the truck.

For physical damage, you can go two ways including collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage, this helps when it comes to replacing or repairing your flatbed truck if you are in an accident or if the truck is damaged by running over something. In general, this can help to repair or replace a truck that is needed due to non-hazardous damage, such as fire, vandalism, falling objects, or animals.

Truck insurance coverage can help protect against claims for bodily injury or property damage resulting from the day-to-day use of a truck for business purposes. This coverage can help if claims are made against the driver or your company for the services you provide. From loading on the dock to working on the job, general liability is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your business.

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Apart from protecting people or buildings, flatbed truck insurance should also be purchased to protect the loads involved in daily business. Carry-on luggage is valuable and also heavy and difficult to load. Cargo insurance is an option you can add that protects your cargo from things like theft, fire, or collision.

Western Truck Insurance Services is a truck insurance agency with roots dating back to 1954. The hallmark of our organization is our desire to provide unparalleled service. We go above and beyond what you expect from an insurance broker. Equipped with state of the art automation, Western Truck Insurance can provide you with fast electric truck insurance quotes, customer service, Certificates of Insurance, and insurance changes.1. Why Commercial Flatbed Insurance 2. Policies Included in Flatbed Trailer Insurance 2.1. Flatbed Commercial General Liability Insurance 2.2. Commercial Property Insurance Flatbed Trailer 2.3. Flatbed Trailer for Roadside Assistance 2.4. Are commercial auto insurance policies useful for flatbed trailers? 3. What Does Flatbed Truck Insurance Cover? 3.1. Physical Damage Protection 3.1.1. Comprehensive Insurance: Why Get It? 3.2. Emergency Roadside Assistance 3.3. Property Insurance 3.3.1. Flatbed truck insurance requirements 3.4. Car liability insurance 3.4.1. Flatbed Van Liability Insurance Requirements 4. Flatbed Van Insurance 4.1. Car liability insurance for flatbed vans 4.2. Visible damage insurance for flatbed vans 4.3. Transport property/property insurance for flatbed vans 4.4. Flatbed Van Emergency Roadside Assistance 5. Flatbed Pickup Insurance 6. Flatbed Trailer Insurance7. Flatbed Truck Insurance 8. What affects the cost of flatbed trailer, flatbed van and flatbed truck insurance? 8.1. What is the value of your flatbed truck, flatbed van, or flatbed trailer? 8.2. What is the estimated value of the items you are towing in your truck, van or trailer? 8.3. How many flatbed trucks, flatbed vans, or flatbed trailers do you own? 9. Flatbed pickup insurance costs 9.1. CoverWallet Flatbed Trailer Insurance 9.1.1. Pros9.1.2. Problems 9.2. Hiscox Flatbed Trailer Insurance 9.2.1. Benefits 9.2.2. Cons 10. Get Free Flatbed Insurance Quotes and Compare

If you regularly transport cargo in a flatbed trailer, it is important to have adequate flatbed insurance as part of your vehicle protection. Flatbed trailer insurance can make a big difference in your ability to pay for damages to your flatbed trailer. Just like closed trailers, tractor trailers, utility trailers, dump trailers, and other commercial trailers, your flatbed trailer also needs bad insurance.


If you use your flatbed truck or flatbed trailer for work purposes, you must have commercial flatbed trailer insurance.

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Furthermore, if you have anyone else in your business, including employees operating a flatbed truck or trailer, commercial insurance will help ensure that you are covered if they cause an accident.

As someone who regularly uses a flatbed truck or trailer, make sure you have adequate commercial flatbed trailer insurance, so you can protect your business; not only against claims in the event of an accident, but also the cost of repairing or replacing the flatbed or flatbed vehicle.

Your Flatbed trailer can be covered by commercial liability insurance for both general and finished products and services. You will need this policy if you rent flatbed trailers to hot truck drivers or movers.

So how does general liability insurance help? This policy will kick in if your flatbed trailer causes property damage or personal injury to the person renting it. The costs are:

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Your flatbed trailer can be covered under commercial property insurance. To do this, you should ask your insurer to plan or mention it in terms of the insurance policy. Once added, commercial property insurance will protect your flatbed trailer against:

You should know that it is best to rent your trailer from other companies under a trailer exchange agreement because it makes the renter responsible for any damage to your equipment.

Your flatbed trailer can sometimes develop defects during use. And if this happens, you may want to call a towing company to take the flatbed trailer back to the terminal or a nearby auto repair shop.

Flatbed Truck Insurance

Roadside assistance cover ensures you don’t incur additional costs if the flatbed trailer becomes unusable on the road. It offers compensation of $500 – $750, so you can recover the cost of towing, and sleeping if the problem happened while you were away from home.

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You cannot use bodily injury, auto liability insurance, and other types of auto insurance as coverage for flatbed trailers. The reason is simple. Commercial vehicle insurance is for motor vehicles and a flatbed trailer does not have its own engine.

Flatbed trucks are big, dangerous machines that are expensive to maintain. Carriers offer special flatbed truck insurance, which will protect you from expenses if the flatbed truck causes an accident, breaks down, or is damaged by someone. Policies included in flatbed truck insurance are:

Comprehensive insurance coverage if your flatbed truck is damaged in a car accident. It applies whether it’s your fault or the other driver’s fault. So how does collision insurance work? Here is an example:

Your flatbed truck was damaged in a car accident and is covered by $30,000 of collision insurance. The cost to repair it is $25,000. Before your car is repaired, file a claim to use your accident insurance. The company agreed and gave the full amount, which he used to cover the repair costs. And then your collision insurance covers all the costs you would have paid out of your own money if you hadn’t decided to be covered.

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The easiest way to describe comprehensive insurance is to tell you that it covers non-collision damage, excluding rollovers. Damages from the following perils are covered:

Comprehensive insurance can help cover the cost of damage to your flatbed truck, no matter how it happened. Many types of stress can cause damage to your vehicle, even off the road.

For example, a falling tree branch can break the windshield of your flatbed truck or damage the trailer and its cargo. Also, someone may try to rob the truck or its cargo and leave some damage. In these accidents, comprehensive insurance can help cover the cost of the damage and ensure that your flatbed trailer or truck can.


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