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Compare Home Insurance Rates – Homeowners insurance is an important part of financial security, and there’s a lot to consider when looking for a provider. On the one hand, the best insurance companies have financial resources, customer service and service offerings in the event of a disaster. And on the other hand, the competitive price won’t break the budget. On that last point, here’s the average cost of homeowner’s insurance in each state in 2020.

For most people, their home is their most important asset. Proper home insurance is the only way for a family to recover financially after losing their home due to a natural disaster. Homeowner’s insurance is therefore essential to ensure financial security. We found the average rates for each state for 2020 on ValuePenguin, a financial education and product comparison site. Visualizing a detailed breakdown for each state in the country makes it easy to see if you’re getting the most out of such an important part of your personal finances.

Compare Home Insurance Rates

Compare Home Insurance Rates

States in tornado alley have some of the highest homeowner’s insurance rates in the country. Oklahoma is by far the most expensive place with a median income of $2,559 per year. Kansas and Texas both have higher rates ($2,461 and $2,451, respectively). Not only do these states experience tornadoes more often than others, they are also significantly stronger at F3-5 intensity ratings. For example, Oklahoma City alone was hit by two or more tornadoes on the same day 29 times. These factors make homeowner’s insurance more expensive.

Cheap Homeowners Insurance In Tennessee For 2023

At the other end of the spectrum, there are many states where the average cost is less than $1,000 per year. Many of these locations are concentrated in the Northeast, such as Vermont ($614), New Hampshire ($773) and Maine ($849). Delaware’s cheapest rate in the country is just $598, or about $50 a month. According to the latest Consumer Expenditure Survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends nearly half of what they spend on a cell phone.

The cost of homeowner’s insurance in most states falls between these two extremes. In general, most people can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 for insurance. However, it’s important to remember that homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover flood and earthquake damage. Anyone concerned about such risks should consider additional forms of insurance.

If you’re looking to purchase homeowner’s insurance and need help finding the coverage that’s right for you, check out our homeowner’s insurance cost guide. It always pays to shop around and find the best company for you.

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Home Insurance Rates To Continue To Rise, Insurify Reports

If you want to use our visualizations in books, magazines, reports, educational materials, etc., we can issue a license document, granting exclusive rights of reproduction, archiving, publication and distribution. Hold on to your hats, this will surprise you. It’s true that home insurance costs have doubled the median household income. We have collected data from the Federal Reserve Board since 2000. Yes, it is a reliable source of data. Then we calculate. Surprisingly, just like health insurance, home insurance prices have also gone up.

Be sure to check with your home insurance company. Get a free review of any company by clicking the button below. We can tell you how good they are at paying claims and providing good value and how good their overall service level is.

We’ve developed a home insurance premium calculator so homeowners can easily track the price they’re paying. To do this, we’ve created premium calculators for every state in the US. In fact, we also include the District of Columbia. Finally, you can know if the price you paid for home insurance is fair.

Compare Home Insurance Rates

You may ask, “Why are there 51 versions?” There are two reasons. First, home insurance prices vary significantly by state. It requires 50 computers. Second, we are in Washington DC. Do not want to destroy. So another city was added.

Changing Your Homeowners Insurance

Importantly, our analysis is based on data collected prior to the devastating 2017 storm. This means that this rapid pace of price growth is unlikely to change anytime soon.

The chart below shows the difference in average household income growth compared to the types of insurance that households are required to purchase. The chart shows that health and housing insurance costs are rising twice as fast as median household income. Car insurance prices are also rising much faster than average household income.

The data analyzed for the above chart covers the period from 2000 to 2015. The data source is from the Federal Reserve Board.

The links at the bottom of this page go directly to websites with more information about auto and home insurance in your state. Each state’s page includes a homeowner’s insurance calculator specific to your state. For your convenience, links to all states are included below. Just click on your status. Once there, head over to the home insurance section where you’ll find a rate calculator.

How To Compare Mobile Home Insurance Policies

Until now, it was difficult to know much about insurance other than price. We are changing that. You can think of it as “big data for customers”.

If you’re paying more than our premium calculator allows, click the button below to compare home insurance companies. We’ll show you how the three best home insurance companies in your state compare to your current company. Now you know where to shop for the best prices and best protection. Don’t be surprised by one of the best home insurance company names we don’t advertise on TV. That’s not how the best companies spend your money.

Importantly, we are not paid when you take out the insurance. This means we will not encourage you to switch companies unless we believe it is in your best interests to do so.

Compare Home Insurance Rates

Click the button below to get a report comparing your home insurance company to the top three companies in your state.

Home Insurance Calculator: Estimate Your Rates

Note: Do not accept any compensation from insurance companies to present them as a better option in our auto and home insurance reports.

Below are links to all 50 states and Washington DC. Click the link for your state for average home insurance prices and more information.

About Dan Curr Dan has served as CEO or Vice President of high-tech companies for over 20 years. While working as a senior vice president of marketing and sales for a technology company, Dan was seriously injured on the way to work. After trying to convince insurance companies to pay his significant medical bills or settle a claim so that Dan could pay his medical bills, he became acutely aware of the complexities of insurance claims. Dan was founded to build the experience of consumers, insurance agents and financial advisors by providing easy to understand analytics needed to know which insurance companies offer the best rates, coverage — claims processing — and best service. If you’re looking for ways to save money right now, you can start by looking at how much you spend on homeowner’s insurance each year. According to our latest map, the cost of homeowner’s insurance depends entirely on where you live.

We found our map data on, a price comparison website. There are several assumptions behind the data in our map. Imagine that a couple with good credit wants to insure a $300,000 home with certain policy features such as a $1,000 deductible and guest health coverage of $5,000 each. people We calculated the average cost of insurance in each state, then produced a color-coded map based on how much each state’s insurance costs are above or below the national average. This allows you to easily see the overall average cost of homeowner’s insurance relative to and across the country.

Why Rate Pressures Are Building In The Home Insurance Market

Our map contains two interesting insights into the homeowner’s insurance market. First, the most expensive states extend south of the Gulf of Mexico and into tornado lanes. Oklahoma is the most expensive state in the country with a cost of living of $4,445 per year, 92.8% higher than the average. If you draw a straight line from Montana to Florida, each state’s rates will be above average. Because geography is one of the biggest determinants of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and avalanches, which destroy property and increase insurance premiums.

Another interesting fact is that homeowners insurance is relatively cheap on both coasts. Vermont is the most affordable in the Northeast at just $1,212, or just over $100 a month. And look at California, where the average is just $1,166. Note that we assumed a starting home value of $300,000 to arrive at these numbers, making this a bold comparison. We know that $300K will cost a lot more in some states than others.

But here’s the most important thing to remember about homeowners insurance:

Compare Home Insurance Rates

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