Cement Truck Insurance


Cement Truck Insurance – Concrete mixer manufacturers already have to insure their trucks. Getting this type of policy is difficult and expensive. However, the right approach will keep the project moving forward. You can choose to purchase a rip and tear extension that will cover the expenses incurred due to the truck being damaged. If your truck is involved in a rollover, you may be responsible for cleanup and replacement costs.

Most employers who transport cement mixes and sand and gravel require general liability and commercial coverage. You also need workers’ compensation and business interruption coverage for your company. Some policies provide specific coverage for batch plants, including pump trucks and transport mixers. Your company may have several different vehicles, such as a rebar truck and a mini-batch plant. Your insurance policy should cover all vehicles.

Cement Truck Insurance


The cost of your cement truck insurance is one of the most expensive aspects of a typical contract. The cost of a full policy for the initial operation can cost anywhere from $7800 to $15000. Although this cost is expensive, it is worth it to avoid losing money or damage in an accident. Besides, the insurance covers various other expenses including the transportation of cement. A comprehensive policy is less expensive if your concrete delivery business is located in a local area.

What Is The Average Cost Of Commercial Truck Insurance?

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Our commercial vehicle insurance policies cover a wide range of vehicles, from commercial vehicles and light trucks to trucks weighing more than 10 tons.

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Cement Truck Overturns On Great Bend Railroad Tracks, Driver Injured

Insurance is important in managing the risk of a trucking company. You should think about getting physical damage, liability, general liability, trailer exchange and cargo insurance. You want to be protected by a high-quality insurance company that you know will pay a claim in the event of an accident.

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Our Vision: Our vision is to provide, protect and deliver the best human to human services through a trusted brand. Concrete trucks are heavy duty vehicles that carry concrete forming equipment in a rotating drum. It is often used by construction and landscape companies. Many business owners consider them a good investment because they can give you the advantage of providing services that other companies do not. However, you should protect your investment with real truck insurance.

Cement Mixer Insurance

These trucks are large and specialized, which makes them very expensive. If you invest in a truck mixer, you could be paying for it years from now. You don’t risk losing money due to accidents. Therefore, you need good concrete truck insurance.

Not every commercial truck insurance provider can deal with vehicles like concrete mixers. Their liability can be huge and there are many things that can go wrong for them. For example, what happens if your mixer truck rolls over? Will your business income be protected in the event of an accident?

Concrete truck insurance falls under the category of commercial vehicle insurance. Therefore, you need all the standard commercial vehicle coverage in your insurance plan to operate your mixer legally. However, choosing the best plan requires an understanding of its features. Let’s look at the coverage you need.


Liability insurance covers you if you or your employee who is driving the cement truck is responsible for any accidents. You need this before you can legally drive your truck. Although it is not an FMCSA requirement, you should not operate without it. Misdiagnosis of an accident can be costly. Here’s what liability insurance covers:

Get Compensation After A Concrete Mixer Truck Accident

Physical damage protects your large investment. If something happens to your cement truck, you need coverage that will cover the financial burden for you. Make sure your plan protects against those costly repairs. This insurance comes in different forms:

If another driver hits your truck, their insurance will pick up the tab. However, you need coverage that will save you from the entire tab when their insurance policy fails to cover your entire bill. Uninsured motorist insurance will cover you in this situation. You don’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake.

Med Pay protects you or anyone driving your concrete truck. If, unfortunately, in the event of an accident, you or your employee is injured, you need insurance that will pay for recovery.

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Ready Mix Insurance

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A concrete mixer, also known as a concrete mixer, transports and mixes concrete from the plant to the construction site.

Basically, it’s a tough truck with a concrete stirrer bowl in the back. The truck engine keeps the bowl going around to prevent the concrete from setting. When on a construction site, the agitator bowl can change its motion to push concrete out of a chute at the back of the vehicle.

Cement Truck Insurance

Subcontracting companies in Australia operate concrete delivery trucks for concrete batching plants such as Boral, Holcim and Hanson. When companies own tow trucks, truck owners are required to purchase insurance because the vehicles are usually worth between $50,000 and $80,000.

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Concrete mixer trucks are exposed to various risks such as accidents, theft and damage to the vehicle and its contents. Therefore, it is important to have insurance that protects against these risks. Concrete mixer truck insurance usually includes the following types of coverage:

Concrete mixer truck accidents are a major concern in Australia as they can cause property damage, injury and even death. According to data from Safe Work Australia, between 2012 and 2021 there were 80 incidents involving the uncontrolled movement of trucks. Of those, 29 were serious injuries requiring hospitalization and three died.

To avoid an accident, implement control measures such as driving the truck on level ground, performing a risk assessment before starting work, making sure the handbrake/park is on and turning off the warning system.

Also, concrete mixer truck operators should have insurance to protect against accidents, vandalism and theft. This coverage protects the driver and the business from unexpected events, reducing financial losses.

Concrete Truck Safety: Risk Insights

Tow truck insurance policies typically include liability coverage that protects the driver and business against claims made by third parties, including property damage and bodily injury. Other coverages may include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and cargo coverage depending on the specific needs of the business.

The smartest thing truck owners can do is make sure they have the best insurance. Even if insurance premiums continue to rise, the right insurance can protect a business against costs such as replacing and repairing equipment, emergency claims, legal liability and legal expenses. Therefore, it is important to get the best value for your money when buying truck insurance.

Optimum truck insurance policies in Australia are essential to ensure your business is always protected. Most insurers offer automatic renewal, but this is important


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